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  1. I like your history of sneakers since I had never read anything like that previously.  The information on inventing the rubber sole is remarkable in that it was quite sometime ago when this solutions was made available.  I would have thought it was later in the development of good footgear, but not the case.  Very interesting information and worth reading. Thank you so much for sharing this.  All the best to you. 

    1. Thank Tim for taking the time to review my page and share your thoughts. I really appreciate it. I too learned some  things I didn’t know about sneakers. I wish you success! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Nice niche choice! Rubber Objectives is a clever catchy site name. I also love shoes and think the information you have posted will be valuable to many like-minded people. 

    My baby sister’s philosophy on shoes has always been: Every girl should have a pair of red sneakers, red flats, red pumps, red sandals, red boots, red wedgies, red slippers in her closet. You’ve mention in Sneaker Heads, that you love abstract, color blends, and the sneakers no one else wants, and that shoes speak. Agreed! My sister’s shoes say “Girl, you got this!” 

    I look forward to checking out more posts!

    Happy walking,


  3. I am also one of those people that love shoes. To be more precise sneakers. It’s like I am obsessed with them and own a bunch of collections. They are like part of identity and I cannot consider my outfit complete without a pair of sneakers. Hopefully this site would have some really cool info on some sneakers. Looking forward to your posts.

  4. Let me start off by saying I loved “your story” it really grasped my interest in what your website is all about! 

    I also love assisting people in need your story really resonated with me. It has taught me a lot in regards to our shoes we wear  and your sole purpose! I love that sole purpose! Great writing.

    What a lovely idea to share pictures and seek comments on shoes! I am definitely revisiting your site !

    I am a huge sneaker footwear fan!! 

    Easy to navigate through your website too!


    Patricia Maragos/Patricia Divine Essence

  5. Hi there Ashley. What a unique and original site. Your passion and love for shoes comes through in your writing. Obviously you found your vocation when you landed the job working with shoes. Your research has left me fairly amazed. I am from the UK and had no idea that Plimsolls originated in Liverpool. I can see why the name came about as back then Liverpool was a major port so there would have been plenty of ships around. If I had been asked a general knowledge question as to how long ‘Converse’ had been around, I would have got it wrong.  Quite remarkable that they’ve managed to stay in business for all those years. Outstanding. I am definitely a ‘sneakers’ man, normally wearing a pair for over a year before they fall apart.

  6. Hi Ashley! I really like your story about the Tommy Hilfiger clogs. It showed a very creative way of dealing with customers. All of you ended happy that day: the lady with the Tommy Hilfiger clogs, your manager had not only been able to sell the shoes but also a belt and purse with them, and you with the raise and the nice feeling it gave you.

  7. Shoes is part of us just like dresses. It is hard to roam around the street on a sunny day or during a very cold weather with bare foot. Shoes is the only wear that are more exposed to risk unlike any other wears. This is why we prefer to choose a very strong shoes that can guarantee high safety. Shoes can also improve self esteem. I think I like this niche and I want to know the wonder you want make shoes with in this website. I used to rock my campus with sneakers when I was in college, so I know the sneakers that look well on me. Anticipating many interesting reviews that would be coming from this website.

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