A brief welcome to you

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A brief welcome to you


My name is Ashley L. Exum. I developed a love for shoes at a young age. I knew early on that it was rarely the shoe that made the person but instead it was the person that made the shoe. In high school I landed my first job at SRI it was a shoe warehouse. As an associate my job description was very simple. I assisted my customers if they needed help and a few other daily task. I was never to ask the customers did they need the help.

On my first day I remember being extremely bored but yet I kept myself busy. I began to rearrange the clearance shelf full of shoes that no one wanted to buy. My manager thanked me and told me he a pair of Tommy Hilfiger clogs that had set for over one year that he couldn’t sell. I told me I would sell it. I didn’t know how but I knew I was going to be sold by me.

A lady came in browsing but looked unsure so I went right over to her as she tried on several pairs of shoes that didn’t seem to be a good fit. I approached her with the Tommy Hilfiger clogs and I asked her to try them on and walk for me. While she took pride in her walk as she got acquainted with the clogs I went I grabbed her a belt and purse to match and she bought all three.

I got a raise that day and from then on I had her as well as specific customers coming in requesting my assistance. I realized how important it is to be of assistance to someone in need. I loved the reoccurring feeling it gave me.

I decided to start a niche so that everyone will feel better off putting on their best shoes for the day or maybe just purchasing some new one.



I want to help people in my respective niche feel comfortable and confident when they step outside in the real world. Shoes give you comfort and when you have a nice pair on allow the comments to roll.



The sole purpose of this site is to share thoughts, ideas, to show off a pair of shoes you love or recently purchased. My goal is to aid my viewers in the selection making process whiter it be a woman who needs a nice set of heels to wear out for the night or a man who needs some casual, sneakers or dress shoes for a meeting.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ashley L. Exum


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